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Sorry, no upgrade for Car 2.0

Imagine a walled-garden car, because that's what Apple will be selling.

Only works with Apple phones (Android phones will work for calls only, but the car'sscreen will be blank).

Only works with Apple's special square charger.

Only air from an approved Apple air-compressor with an approved Apple nozzle will work on the tires

Quick charge units that work only at 55hz (additional adapter from 50 or 60 to 55hz coming end of year).

Non-replaceable batteries.

Only one door on the drivers side (for design reasons) and no trunk.

Only available in gray or white for the first 5 years.

Made with slave labor from China.

All body panels made from glass (including the bumpers).

No firmware updates for last year's models.

Available in 8gb and 16gb music storage models (sorry no upgrade vector from model to model).

Thanks, but no thanks.

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