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More and more cars are coming with tons (literally and metaphorically) of mostly unnecessary, expensive, complex, proprietary tech that goes out of date and unsupported by the manufacturer after a couple of years, (long before the car itself is used up), is unmaintainable/unreplaceable by the owner, and more often than not now has compulsory phone-home technology built right in and reporting on you 24/7. I'm calling you out Tesla, Nissan and GM/On-Star, amongst others.

I know we're all meant to blindly trust and enjoy the 'added convenience' of the pretty much pointless features that all this expensive extra non-optional hardware brings, but I am now at a point where I refuse to even consider purchasing any car if it has any of that crap in it. It is getting harder and harder to find any cars without it though, especially new ones. I'll just buy/drive old cars from now on if thats what it takes.

Since nearly all car manufacturers are on thes band wagon, It seems to me there's a real and growing market for a manufacturer of premium cars that don't have any non-optional tech in.

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