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how you manage to completely fail to comprehend what is written in nice, plain, easy to understand English

Yes, but its also a load of old lefty, angsty, fact-free garbage (your link that underpins you view).

The author cites Chomsky first among his influences, which isn't so much a warning sign as it is hitting the intellectual buffers. Next up, he teaches English... After working as an administrator in the public sector. So his income and entire way of life is wholly dependant upon a big state solution. His recommended links consist almost entriely of leftist nonsense, which is hardly indicative of his being widely read.

And yet.... and yet, you've fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. You urgently need to reflect on how that has happened. You've soaked up the spin, drank it down like facts, burped it up here, and then you have the temerity to criticise me? Seriously, you've been badly misled and you need to adjust your reading list to encompass something factual, and something representing the other side of the coin.

ETA: Curiously, in all his verbal crapulence, the author you cite completely misses Labours IMF bailout in the 70s, when the country was bankrupt using any definition of the word. Some might find that strange, no? The article is empty rhetoric, and so is any viewpoint based upon it.

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