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If you think I have any love for the Labour Party ...

Amazing, isn't it? So many people voted for them, and yet so very many are too ashamed to admit it. Perhaps because they know that voting out of naked self interest has led to another bankruptcy for Britain, and once again it falls to the Conservatives to clear away the mess.

There isn't a single credible source with any evidence of economic capability on the part of any Labour chancellor. For the good of the country, the grown-ups have to take away the cheque book because the endless cycle of shore-leave spending labour chancellors, followed by Conservative chancellors fixing the mess, followed by the public being bought off with bribes to vote in the next Labour "useful idiot". It's just getting us nowhere as a country and we need to stop. Its time to move the debate forwards and we can only do that by limiting the damage any future labour chancellor may cause. "there is no money", remember?

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