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... that George's aim is not simply to give us a "small state", but to utterly cripple the ability of any future government to undo what he has done

I just can't understand why you say this as though it's a bad thing.

Labour sought to tie the hands of future government sot a big state with reckless PPI contracts, massive public sector pension liabilities, and a welfare class so numerous they can carry the vote.

Britain simply can't endure another tax, borrow and waste labour chancellor, as they all are. Labour have proved time and again that they can't be trusted with the pruse strings, and the British public have proven time and again that they will fall for labour lies about that.

The only logical solution for any responsible chancellor is to tie the hands of all future labour chancellors such that we can skip over the economic train wreck that always, always accompanies labour leaving power. How that should be achieved may be debateable, but that it must be achieved is now beyond reasonable doubt, and its time to move the debate forwards.

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