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Pointing out to these people that the coalition had actually increased the national debt more in their term of office than the previous three administrations combined was met with general disbelief

Well, yes, because it's pure spin.

I don't mean it's untrue. It's certainly a true fact, taken out of context and viewed in isolation. The labour government inherited a strong economy with low debt, a structural surplus, and ultra low employment. They then proceeded to p*ss that up the wall, then embarked on scortched earth policies in the run up to being thrown from office, gifting the coalition nothing but debt, a massive deficit, and little hope of turning things around. so little was the hope the the governer of the BoE publicly stated that whoeever won the election would be out of power for a generation.

So, yes, people greet your statement with disbelief because what you're trying to imply by making it (that the coalition was less fiscally responsible than labour) simply isn't true. Even labour are starting to publicly accept that they over spent. People are gobsmacked you don't see it.

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