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Wasn't there something similar for car parks a few years back?

As title.

I'm vaguely remembering something related to using the motion of vehicles along a road surface, and a moving plate in the road, to generate electricity. Maybe specifically targeted at car parks (where there'd be fewer issues relating to high dynamic stresses?)?

Probably a bit more energy per m2 of ground area in a mall's car park than in a mall's corridor. Maybe.

Could have sworn I read about it here first, can't seem to find any helpful keywords to find it again.

Be interesting to know what happened to it.

Something's afoot here (and not just the article picture from MPFC).


Anybody want to sign up to Crowdcube and post a link back from their forum to back here, and/or to Mackay's book, and/or to Loughborough's proper engineering department or any of the many others who could demolish the "power generation" aspects of this project in double quick time?

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