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Looking at FCoE another way, it's been quite successful

Here's the comment I made on the author's blog, where this was first published:

Perhaps there's another way to look at FCoE, not as a product but as a catalyst for business change.

FCoE caused every sales discussion, worldwide, for networked block storage (server, SAN, storage) from 2007 to 2013 to become a discussion where just bringing Fibre Channel, or just bringing Ethernet, wasn't good enough. This changed the sales dynamic, worldwide, to favor not just Cisco products but Cisco's direct sales force and resellers.

FCoE also redirected the entire discretionary investment (and then some) of the Fibre Channel industry (server HBAs, SAN switches, disk arrays and other storage devices) for that same period. In some cases, companies which previously specialized in either Ethernet or Fibre Channel were combined by very disruptive M&A in order to have all the skills required to succeed building, selling, and servicing FCoE products.

In the end, FCoE turned out to be a very cost effective edge (last hop) (Access layer) for Fibre Channel networks. It was also the catalyst for my career shifting from Storage to Networking. In those two ways, FCoE was a big success!

(speaking for self, not for employer, which happens to be HP)

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