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"All of the parties involved get their "free" financial advice from a group of accountancy companies who sell consultancy on how to set up PFI contracts, how to sell them on to maximise profits, and how to get out of them."

In unrelated news: Greece was sold the PFI story too, in order to qualify for membership of the Euro. Nice work there by Goldman Sachs, whose tentacles are everywhere in Europe if you look carefully.

Closer to home, it'd be interesting to see how many UK MPs receive substantial funding fom the big accountants. In principle the Register of MPs Interests should have that info, I don't have the skills to do the processing effectively though.

E.g. the Shadow Secretary of State for Business had two PriceWaterhouseCoopers staffers on his team at times in 2014, declared as worth around £70K. The declaration obviously makes it all OK doesn't it.

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