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BS apart from limited government

Pragmatic temporary help maybe a necessary evil, but neo-keynesian central banks etc. ignore that Keynes said that are conditions and limits to help, so are doing ZERP and QE to infinity, so we look like we are on the path to an eventual massive sentiment bubble bust, the sooner fall of the petro-dollar due to the US pissing off the BRICs faster; possibly a combination of depression, hyperinflation and even war! There are plenty of Black Swan candidates which could suddenly burst this sentiment bubble, with even less safety net this time!

Even if Austrian economics has flaws, they have far more of a clue than Keynes had, let-alone the neo-morons, because they have a more complete model and better maths.

The GDP becomes increasingly misleading for debt and tax ratio calculations as an increasing amount is made up of government spending (mostly social consumption) because it means that there is far less potential taxable revenue than expected, so the situation is probably much worse than this article suggests!

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