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@John Woods: Your implicit assumption, from your last sentence, seems to be that a 'centrist' position is in some sense optimal, i.e. if you have some arbitrary mix of 'small-state' and 'big-state' policies that a coalition government can find agreement on, then it will be better than either of the two 'pure' positions. This sounds awfully much like the sort of compromises that masqerade as policies from Brussels. Personally, I'm happy that we've got a Conservative government without the pains of trying to find common ground in a coalition. The small majority will ameliorate the worst excesses, though that might not stop Theresa May (yet another Home Sec captured by the system). Labour were never going to get an overall majority anyway so we would have had all the hassles of a coalition with, almost certainly, lots more internal fractiousness than ever the ConLibs had.

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