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An excellent example ...

... of why UKs civil servants en masse should approach Guvmint and say things like:

We know public finances are bad and don't want to heap stuff on top of that. Here is a restructuring plan to save 20% of total cost without adversely affecting service levels. The proposed structure ensures frontline delivery of services with modest increases for those with income levels below national average-local average and loss of many midmanagement positions with income levels at the highest level reduced by up to 50%. There is also an additional governing factor in which civil servant incomes whether direct or indirect (that is a "private" company wholly owned by the state or state apparatus) will never ever be paid more than than the Minister for the Regions. We fully acknowledge that the Prime Minister should have lead salary in the public employee-publicly paid sector even with the mish-mash of psuedo companies now in existence??

Huh? Huh? Huh?

PS (edit): only the finance sector seems to get the same level of public funds chucked at it on a regular basis. A rule in the private sector seems to be: can't manage your income-expenditure and owe the bank lots of dosh then it is Time for closure and bankruptcy?

And what private sector company goes into huge deficits with big wage rises all round, improved terms and conditions of employment matched by huge reduction in services and service levels?

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