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Re: Google Tone temporarily stores a URL on Google’s servers

Yeah I thought that. I have a feeling it doesn't broadcast the URL at all, but some unique code that other Chrome browsers with the active Tone extension can use to lookup the shared URL. Otherwise why bother committing the URL to a server at all?

Face it, it only needs to be a GUID or some other kind of fixed-length unique identifier. Fixed-length makes it much easier to pluck the codes from background noise. Broadcast-starting tones, ID, broadcast-ending tones. Keeps the message down to a short audio burst, and is more reliable than missing part of the URL in the broadcast. At worst Chrome can't find the URL corresponding to the code and reports this.

This way they get to track every URL shared this way and feed it into their advertising machine along with the IDs of everyone who viewed the shared URL, and where they went from there etc. But to be fair to Google, when do they not try to do that?

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