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drive by

That fateful night, Jimmy was staring through the shop display at all the nice computers for sale, running their demos. The shop next door was a pharmacy, and one of their computers was on too.

Jimmy reached into his backpack and took out the small device he had assembled the night before from plans he had downloaded. He pushed the small button and the amplified speaker let out a shrill series of tones. He quickly looked around, but nobody had heard him. All the computers diligently downloaded the toolkit he had placed on a specially crafted website

By tomorrow, Jimmy will be a millionaire as his trojan makes its way around the world. Mum would be proud, if she were still here. He slowly wandered off to return to his small wet space under Bridge Road, with his soggy sandwich in hand. Tonight's meal would be his last here. He smiled to himself and quickly looked up and whispered "thank you google".

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