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First, I'm always amused when people ask whether a user is into gaming, with the basis being how much computing power the user might actually need for a prospective laptop, for example. For me, the short answer is 'no'. I DO play Solitaire, but that is trivial in terms of computing power needed.

Windows Solitaire was, I must admit, a guilty pleasure. But it used drive me mad, first, with the frequecy with which there would be two IDENTICAL cards ( such as BOTH red sevens, say ) after the initial deal. Usually I asked it to deal AGAIN ( and got another identical pair ). Then I'd get to a stage in the game where although I thought I was losing, I thought there was SOMETHING I might be able to do. However Windows refused to help me.

( btw, it kept my 'score' as winning 13% of the time. Which was nice. )

That brought me to the Linux version which is something called KPatience which has several card games, the version most like Windows Solitaire being called Klondike. This is infinitely preferable to Windows' version. It holds your hand all the way and gives a running commentary. It says 'this game is winnable'; 'this game is lost' etc.

What is frustrating is when I make several good moves and THEN it says 'this game is lost'.

It even has a 'Hint' button that can say exactly where to move certain cards. It regularly tells me half a dozen card moves that I would otherwise manage to miss and in effect wins the game for me.

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