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Matt! next time they loosen the buckles and you go out, you really must think about getting a sense of humour.

Gun crime is actually worse since the pointless knee jerk reaction/excuse to ban handguns in the UK, now only criminals and trigger happy cowphobic cops have them.

The circumstances in Utah (in 2000) were after a series of brush and forest fires when a lot of cattle had gone astray, a cow with a calf in the brush IS a very different circumstance from a dairy cow ( used to being handled) in the UK or any other UK cow, but because humans are predators and cows are herbivores it is not too difficult to assert authority over them. Of course shouting with a loudhailer

" PUT DOWN THE HORNS AND COME QUIETLY AND IT WILL GO EASY FOR YOU" doesn't really cut the mustard with a cow, you have to use it's personal space and control it's direction or just put a headstall and rope on it.

Sorry for the late reply been busy. By the way I am a Brit kept horses and a couple of cows here but lived in the states for a bit so I do know about British cows as well as the wild and woolly yank beef .

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