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Anonymous Coward

Lots of stupid in this thread

Cows are dangerous animals once angered or scared. That's a lot of weight running at you / running into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

1 - Farmer could have dealt with it.

What farmer? No owner identified during the incident.

2 - Vehicle stopping distance.

Doesn't matter shit if a cow jumps out ten feet in front of you whilst you're doing 50mph.

3 - Shooting from height

Because bullets travel, and keep travelling depending on calibre after passing through the target. "Cop kills cow, bullet keeps going and kills child." - wonderful.

4 - Oh the horror of a cow being shot

That'd be a domestic cow bred for milk and eventual slaughter aye? You're right. Much better it gets an often ineffective bolt through the head.

5 - 20 police on site

Ever tried herding cattle? It's called a noose and subsequently closing the noose if that's the tactic you're going for.

Get some facts those of you kicking off.

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