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I don't see the problem

Leap seconds are being used so, eventually, you don't end up with 12 midnight happening in the middle of the day. After all, leap years are there for a similar reason -- older calendars did not have leap years, and eventually became inaccurate enough that people began to notice. If you don't want to deal with leap seconds, don't deal with them, your clock will not be off by much over the likely lifetime of your clock or computer. But, personally, I have network time on my phone, and ntp on the computers.

Note, ntp does have the "-x" option -- normally, (per the man page), ntp will jump the clock if it's off by more than 128ms, less than 128ms it does in fact slew the clock (speed it up or slow it down until it has correct time.) -x sets this cutoff to 10 minutes. The man page warns most UNIX systems allow a maximum slew of 0.5ms/second, so it'd take almost 14 days to slew 10 minutes. For 1 second, that'd come to about 33 minutes, so Amazon must be using a much slower slew rate. If you object that much to having your clock jump 1 second, use -x.

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