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Been there, done that

I hit a cow with my car, in Mexico. Damn thing was sleeping on the road, same colour as asphalt, and stood up right about the same time my headlights reached it. I'm told that cows like sleeping on the highway because asphalt is cosy and warm in the evening. Anyhow, the ABS brakes almost stopped the car in time, but the car bumped the cow, sending it rolling legs-up across the hood (bonnet, for you Brits) and bounced off the windshield.

My wife was screaming in terror, my daughter was weeping, and my son was reaching for his knife to slice some steaks from the presumed-dead animal. Damn hood (bonnet, for you Brits) still does not open properly and has two good-sized dents from the cow's knees.

However, the cow slid off the hood (bonnet, for you Brits) onto the ground, stood up, mooed at me and wandered away.

Cows are tough. Subarus are awesome. Families are odd.

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