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"So they needed to go up high instead of walking close?....." Ever seen a car that has collided with a cow? I have. I've seen a Ford Sierra that hit a cow at 30mph and it looked like the Sierra had hit a wall. The driver ended up in intensive care. The police had a responsibility to protect the public first, the property (the cow) second. Especially considering that, on the nearbye A road, a car is probably going to be doing more than 30mph (indeed, having driven in the Newcastle area, I'd be surprised if they were doing less than 60mph). And that the sudden deceleration of the first accident with the cow could cause further accidents and a pile-up. So the last thing the officers (who probably had zero farming knowledge but a lot of traffic knowledge) would want to do would be to risk approaching the animal and scaring it into running into the road. So, if they have taken the decision to kill the cow rather than risk waiting for the farmer, the next logical step is how to kill it without spooking it into traffic, which means from a distance and from a good vantage point. Good tactical appreciation, lousy farming knowledge. But then I don't expect city cops to be trained on herding cattle and I do expect them to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the public.

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