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Mad Max: Fury Road – two hours of nonstop, utterly insane fantasy action

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Tsk! Australians, eh?

Speaking as someone who loved the quickfire audio-visual mini-jokes larded into Road Warrior & Thunderdome I can absolutely believe the post apocalyptic tongue was intentionally firmly in radiation-scarred cheek.

Iconic movies, all of them. Everyone yaps on about the "aerial shot everyone steals from Bladerunner" but how many times have you seen a recapitulation of "the disarming of Max at the gates of Bartertown"? The Hobbit was only the most recent "homage".

A sadly underrated series. This latest one is high on the Stevie Watch list (I never go in the first few days as I prefer to watch without an infuriating field of tiny oblong foglights shining back at me).

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