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> "Every motor vehicle shall be so designed and constructed that the driver thereof while controlling the vehicle can at all times have a full view of the road and traffic ahead of the motor vehicle."

Well yes, even the worst of the truck has a full view ahead - but not down to the road immediately below the front bumper ! That is the case with (almost) every vehicle I know of - there is some dead spot between the "horizon" where visibility is cut off by the bonnet or bottom of the windscreen and the road below the bumper.

In practical terms, to "cure" this for large vehicles would mean making the vehicle even larger - moving the "oily bits" further back so the drivers cab can be mounted lower down. Since vehicle lengths are limited (both by law and practicality in towns/cities), making the "front end" bigger means less load carrying space and so more trucks on the road.

>> I wonder if that is actually true everywhere, and why should it

Well actually it is true in the UK - a vehicle which is not required by law to carry a speed measuring device (ie speedometer) cannot be prosecuted for exceeding a speed limit. It's a matter of practicality since the driver generally cannot (in law) be expected to accurately know his speed.

There is however, for a bicycle rider, the offence of "furious riding" which could be applied. But of course, to apply that you'd have to catch them at it - since there are no number plates to identify the vehicle by.

NB - good luck getting to where I work without turning left, it's on the left on a one-way street !

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