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Cyclists & Traffic

As has been said before; to cut down accidents and noting all travelling has dangers so;

Get yourself trained

Drive / ride defensively (if its big give it room etc)

Drive / ride courteously

Modify all vehicles to remove the blind spots (cameras & more mirrors)

Add auto-warning of people/cyclists/other vehichles in blind spots (already on some vehicles)

do not sell cycles without lights front and rear (may be with auto-on in low light)

enforce all the laws relating to the above

The above said; it wont remove the idiots trying for the Darwin Award nor the idiots who simply drive with entitlement

Further when I am a pedestrain I would really like cycle Bells to be used as I cannot hear cyclists coming from behind and as I do not have mirrors attached to my head I fear an accident is inevitable. (and thats on paths with attached cycle lanes)

(Pendantic Grammar Nazi as there isnt an icon for an old fogey Pedant, whats the IT? maybe)

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