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"Perhaps there is a case for having inner city distribution depots where goods can be moved from artics to electric vehicles for the last mile."

Sounds entirely plausible. Or maybe just-out-of-town, rather than actually in-town. That way the unnecessary HGVs stay out of town, as Ken intended. The "last mile" deliveries could be done by fleets of electric vehicles, perhaps something like an updated LDV Maxus Electric (which didn't quite hit the market in 2008 when the US/UK financial crash helped LDV go under).

"The people whose homes and offices had to be destroyed to make the space might object though."

Not a problem. No big need for anyone to move home or office, there'll be plenty of ex-Tesco megasites available in the next few years, sites which already have (or are capable of having) good access, plenty of parking, storage facilities, and plenty of electricity for recharging the vans.

Job's a good'un. Thanks for the suggestion!

Which Cabinet minister needs to sort this?

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