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The real problem

I'm a lorry driver and a cyclist. There are idiots in both these groups of people. Most cyclists are sensible people. Most lorry drivers are sensible people. (You have to pass 3 driving tests to drive an artic, being observed for over 2.5 hours). Monitoring your left mirror when turning left (and right mirror because the tail swings right) is drummed into drivers during training, and those that don't do it don't pass.

The real problem is a combination of the EU driving rules and freight planners planning too many drops in a day. After 4.5 hours you have to stop for 45 minutes. Towards the end of that time period, drivers under pressure will take risks to get to their delivery, or a safe stopping place before the time runs out and an infringement is logged on their smart card. The old (non-EU) domestic rules were much simpler, a maximum number of hours a day, and much safer.

This idea might help, but if it leads to significantly longer routes then drivers won't use them as their first priority will still be the available driving time.

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