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I like that you mention the "blind spot" and I would like to add that when a car turns a bit to the left the left mirror becoms worthless. Some cyclist soon as they step onto their bike are transformed into feeling like goldarmored knights riding a huge white horse. Pedestrians and cars will stop and bow in awe. Odd thinghs happen in their brains.

Somebody pointed out that lorries drive for their livelyhood and are in a hurry perhaps. But cyclist hate to stop and put down their foot, as embarrasing as it would be for that knight to dissmantle that horse at every korner. Those cyclist will rather increase the speed to beat the car at the corner or start wobbling on the spot for a while to be able to be first again.

So give us some more statistics, how many cyclists where run over by a car, how many cyclists run themselves under a car. Incidently if half of the accidents involve lorries every second was not a lorry.

How many incidents with bikes colliding with bikes and pedestrians.

What is the relation between pedestrians run over by cars compared to cyclists taking into account the number of pedestrians to cyclists crossing streets.

I have told my kids that cars see other cars and perhaps pedestrians but not cyclists. Just accept it and stay alive.

Years ago I knew a nice guy, a boss at a customer of mine. He then was involved in an incident with a car and his bike. The driver lost and this guy won but he was perhaps unable to cheer his victory as he was dead. I wouldn't remember this but there was this dark humor as he was the boss of a company producing bikes, mad behind the wheel of his MB and most likely even madder on his product.

I was a taxi driver for some years and I can assure you that I am less afraid of cars, trams, trains, lorries, ice, snow, falling treas and earth quaques than of those white horses, and in the dark they are black and the knight feels he is beacon of light in the dark. The only more scary experience I had was a five year old kid who run out in the streed from between parked cars. Fortunately we don't carry guns so I was uable to shoot the mother.

I have to add, do look into your back mirror when you open your car door, driving into one with a bike is something you will remember too.

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