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Making lorry drivers travel further to reduce cycling deaths is a pollution to our problem. (Apologies to Goscinny and Uderzo for stealing that one).

I believe more can be solved by education of both the vehicle drivers and the cyclists than what seems to be proposed.

Here in the States, USP and FedEx have both found that careful planning such that their drivers do minimal crossing of the on-coming traffic lanes saves fuel and lowers accident rates. Other truck/lorry companies are also finding it to their advantage. If it was mandated to make those vehicle cross the oncoming traffic lanes the fuel usage, pollution, and accident rates would go up.

From my viewpoint as a cyclist and motorist, both carry blame. Too many cyclists think they own the road. Well, maybe, but it's better to get the hell out of the way of an inattentive driver than to be dead right.

I expect downvotes from the "avid" cyclists who will inevitability bash about any motoring person.

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