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Trans Pacific Partnership 'fast-track' bill dumped

Dan Paul

So called "Transparency"?

Hell has finally froze over and the Earth has stopped rotating on it's axis.

Senate Democrats have finally woken up and discovered that their President is about as opaque as a brick wall and is obviously hiding something again.

The reason this is "Fast Track" is because they are trying to pull a fast one on the American public. The TPPA bill (which no one is allowed to read) is only secret due to the fact the legislation would give something away that we can't afford to do anymore.

We can't vote on ANY legislation without examining what it is and when you have thousands of pages in a bill, it takes a few weeks to give it any kind of justice.

Just look at all the hidden taxes buried in the so called "Affordable Care Act" that are like time bombs due to explode AFTER Obama runs away in two years.

None of that was able to be discerned when the bill passed because it was so voluminous.

Obfuscation by sheer volume in this case puts all Americans jobs at risk and we can't afford that crap EVER again. It should be illegal to dupe the public through liberal application of bullshit and thats exactly what is happening here, NAFTA was bad enough.

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