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I don't think it's just London but it's possibly easier to fix in London:

E.g. Crossrail requires drivers working frequently on the Crossrail project to undergo special cyclist safety training: says

Crossrail’s tough safety requirements for any lorry working on the project is leading to widespread haulage industry changes as goods vehicles across Britain are upgraded with new safety equipment to alert drivers to vulnerable road users.

Crossrail has trained over 7,000 lorry drivers on how to share safely London’s roads with cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Crossrail is also putting cyclists in the driver seat through its ‘exchanging places’ programme to provide an understanding of the blind spots experienced by lorry drivers and working with police to visit schools to help train the next generation of cyclists in road safety and lorry awareness.


Every frequent lorry driver working on the construction of Crossrail must complete a custom-made course designed in consultation with cycling and road safety campaign groups and the police.

Crossrail is the first project to mandate that HGVs must have additional safety equipment and driver training to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Thousands of HGVs working on the project have installed more than 20 additional safety items to alert the driver to cyclists and pedestrians and to reduce the risk of serious injury to other road users.

Where vehicles fail safety checks, the driver and the vehicle are suspended. Deliveries to site can only resume once the driver and a senior manager from the company have re-taken the lorry safety course.

[Hey look, reminding managers that they need to be accountable. That'll never catch on.]

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