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Funnily enough, I got on a number 21 bus this morning and, in the 5 or so minutes between Bank and Old Street, the driver managed to run two red lights and a zebra crossing where only the attentiveness of the pedestrian avoided serious injury. He also seemed to be trying to overtake the 21 bus in front of us. Very odd.

IMO, in London at least, there does appear to be a substantial minority of the travelling public with a death wish, no matter what their chosen mode of transport.

If there was just one thing I would really like to see here it would be ENFORCEMENT. Frankly I think a massive crackdown on all road users doing even just the blatantly stupid stuff could only be a good thing: Through a red light? on-the-spot fine or come get your vehicle/bicycle from the pound sometime later. Of course, this would require having enough traffic police in the right places ....

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