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"That is too close to 'the driver is always to blame' for my liking, too close to allowing cyclists the right to do whatever they please with impunity."

No - I never said that, or implied that. You read that into it because you felt my statement on the relative danger of the driver vs the cyclist somehow was letting the cyclist off the hook. I was making a point, pointed at the previous but one poster, about the line 'Unfortunately, they never kill each other' - the cyclist will come off worse.

My final comment would have reinforced my view that responsibility for one's self should also extend to our responsibility to other road users we are sharing with. Regardless of what mode of transport.

As for 'Drivers hating cyclists' - anyone hating another road user* in general makes me question the person doing the hating, not the hatee.

*This goes for cyclists hating drivers, drivers hating cyclists, lorry drivers hating motorcyclists, taxi drivers hating non-taxi drivers....just so I am clear here.

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