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You are of course correct, but you're telling only half the story.

The other way this accident occurs is that the truck arrives at the lights, sans cyclists, and is indicating left. Cyclists then arrive and pass down the left of the truck not realising the driver has not and often cannot see them. The lights change and everyone sets off, the cyclist aims straight ahead and the truck aims left. Sometimes the cyclist hasn't reached the ASL and is still alongside the truck making progress when the lights change, giving the driver even less chance of seeing them.

Extended ASL will help (a cyclist at the back of the current ASL may not be visible to a large truck pulled up to its stop line), but so would ensuring cyclists stop when they reach the back of an indicating vehicle, or at least pass it on the opposing side (allowing that it may need to swing wide to make the turn).

Road safety has to be hollistic (hate the word but it fits) if everyone is going to get home alive. I need to leave you space to make a mistake and you need to reciprocate (for any value of what I'm driving/cycling and what you're driving/cycling). I walk, drive, and (rarely) cycle. I've never driven a truck but appreciate it won't be easy in London.

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