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I observe three styles of cycling in my community:

1. "Vehicular" style cyclists understand that cyclists are safest when they are treated as vehicles, not pedestrians riding toys. They avoid accidents by obeying traffic laws, appearing on the roadway only in places where vehicles are expected to be and doing things vehicles are expected to do.

2. "Pedestrian" style cyclists believe they can go anywhere pedestrians can go (while mounted) and do anything pedestrians do (including the cycling equivalent of jaywalking).

3. "Confused wildlife" style cyclists behave like deer who have wandered onto the roadway. They can unexpectedly appear on the roadway anywhere doing anything--especially in intersections.

In my community, the ratio is about 15% vehicular-style, 50% pedestrian-style and 35% confused-wildlife style. When I am driving in my car and see a cyclist, I avoid accidents with them by assuming they are incompetent--i.e., followers of either the pedestrian or confused wildlife styles.

And whether they are dressed like hobos or decked out in spandex has no correlation to their level of competence as a cyclist.

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