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Cyclists take note lorries don't see you.

A lorry genuinely can't see you and the cyclist needs to realise this and either overtake the lorry on the outside(scary) or pass on the inside preferably when the lorry is stationary. I cycle in London and have driven a lorry so i know first hand.

This is an explanation of what's happening from both the lorry's perspective and the cyclists, when the lorry is turning left.

The lorry. In order to turn left they need to turn the rear axle in a wide arc to do this manoeuvre they make something like a '?' shape where they first turn the vehicle right and then left. this creates a blind spot on the drivers left hand side when turning, their side mirror is either pointing far outward or far inward during this time.

The cyclist. From the cyclist perspective the lorry just seems to be turning right and think it's safe to pass they don't expect it to suddenly change direction and turn left, by this time it's too late they're sandwiched between the curb and the wheels.

Be safe

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