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A driver and a cyclist come together, regardless, it is always the cyclist who gets injured/killed.

Therefore when driving a vehicle, you have to be damn well properly in control of that vehicle because the lack of concentration or good driving can literally kill.

That is too close to 'the driver is always to blame' for my liking, too close to allowing cyclists the right to do whatever they please with impunity.

I have had cyclists unexpectedly jump in front of me when I had right of way. If they'd tried a little harder, performed their stupidity a little quicker, they could likely have had me kill them. That would have been their fault, not mine. I can exercise as much concentration and skill as I can muster but that doesn't mean I will always avoid the consequences of attempts to undermine that.

We really do have to accept that sometimes cyclists are the cause of their own plight and putting the responsibility entirely on the driver is simply not fair nor just. It is belief that cyclists have some god given right to invite being killed while insisting drivers are required to avoid delivering them that which has drivers hating cyclists

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