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Last year, in my car, I was very slowly following a group of cyclist up an uphill, narrow and blind, twisting road just outside my rural village. (I moved inline with them as soon as it became in the least dodgy to try and overtake, having been a keen cyclist in my younger years.) A group of racing cyclists then overtook us all on the wrong side of the road! I was stuck in amongst the hundreds of cyclist on the little country roads for all of my 8 mile journey, often stuck behind groups up to 6 wide filling the road.

I was so incensed that I emailed the race organisers, whose attitude was "yeh... wot?" i.e. totally unintelligible twaddle in almost text speak with no mention of the 24 occurrences of dangerous activity I reported. So I forwarded this to British Cycling who replied with a very nice letter basically saying that they would remind the organiser to tell the entrants at the next race that they were not on closed road.

Two weeks later I met a group of racing cyclist coming at me at high speed on the wrong side of a roundabout. It was the same organisers, and I received the same emailed reply as before.

I have been culturing some very BOFH style thoughts towards racing cyclist and their 'organisers' recently!

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