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UK safety app keeping lorries on the right side of cyclists



"PIE Mapping, a British company which already delivers route-planning products to hauliers, is developing the smartphone app"

Ok anyone who tries says they're combatting raod safety by making drivers use a phone app should be shot at birth. Lorries should be using a specialised Sat-Nav that avoids crappy little roads that aren't suitable for them, that's where any extra route planning should be involved, not in a phone.

As for cyclists I think everyone should need to register for a unique number and this can get printed onto a high viz vest or something. Then any cyclists caught speeding, jumping lights, being a prat can be traced by the number. If people aren't wearing a number and ride like an arse the fine/punishment is automatically doubled. While you wont get every cyclist everytime, you will be able to get the repeat offenders and hit them hard.

Motorists are easy, just have compulsary re-tests every x years, will weed out the majority of crap drivers; maybe make motorcyclists exempt as the ones that ride like idiots take themseleves out of the loop and it would incourage poeple to use an excellent form of transport.

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