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UK safety app keeping lorries on the right side of cyclists

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If I saw drivers (motor car or bike) do half the manoeuvres I have seen from cyclists there would be a lot more dead people. The idea that they are the exposed ones and the ones most likely to come off worse from an accident doesnt seem to deter some cyclists from trying to win a darwin award. I am bound to be down voted but then at least once this week I am bound to see at least one cyclist-

>Go through a red light

>Kerb hop due to a red light

>Transition from road to kerb to change direction

I can be certain to see at least one incident of ALL of these this week. I am on a winner as I have already seen the last 2 so far.

I would say I feel sorry for good cyclists, but they tend to be ok and not in a position of suicide. I am happy to share the road with them as with good drivers. But I dislike the suicidal nutters who cut up cars and ignore the rules of the road as much as the nobs in their cars talking on the phone, racing and running reds. The rules are there for everyone to keep us all from harm. Even if harm is the trauma of watching some suicidal prick put himself under your vehicle.

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