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I cycle to work daily. I strongly believe that advanced stop lines are a very bad thing, because they are usually accompanied by a cycle lane on the left side of the road. This encourages cyclists to think that it's OK to overtake cars on the left and then turn right. Why is this a bad thing? Because there's a significant minority of cyclists who don't understand that you should *never* do this unless the cars next to you are stationary. Otherwise, you've got cyclists trying to turn right across the path of cars which are trying to turn left.

Overtaking moving traffic on the left to be able to turn right is self nomination for a Darwin award, so far as I'm concerned. If you're turning right and want to live, you should use the correct lane on the approach to a junction, especially if you're a cyclist, not protected by a big metal box.

Making lorry drivers travel further to reduce cycling deaths is a pollution to our problem. (Apologies to Goscinny and Uderzo for stealing that one).

If the problem is cyclists passing lorries on the left, then it is clearly the cyclists who need to change their behaviour. If, however, the problem is lorries stopping beside cyclists and then turning left and crushing them, cyclists should stop in the middle of the left hand lane at junctions so that lorries can't stop beside them. (I offer a solution with no extra pollution...)

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