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UK safety app keeping lorries on the right side of cyclists

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Despite having been run down by a cyclist on a pavement, nearly run down by one going the wrong way down a one-way street, I am still courteous to them. I make myself aware of their presence when turning left or right, will even let them go first when queuing, give them a yard or more clearance when overtaking and won't squeeze them into the gutter or against other cars. A few seconds delay is well rewarded by a wave of appreciation and thanks.

Yet time after time some fuckwitted cyclist tests my patience as a reward. I am really surprised there aren't more killed and injured. I know there are good cyclists out there, I've encountered many, but there are a lot of wankers as well.

It's not a vehicle versus cyclist issue, it's an issue of bad drivers and bad cyclists. Unfortunately they never kill each other, it is usually some poor sod caught in the mayhem they create.

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