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"But the greater issue is that it is this fear of cycling that is the greatest impediment to people who want to cycle to actually do it"

Actually, as an ex-cyclist I found that it was the UK weather and lack of facilities at destination, (i.e. shower).

Arriving at destination wet/mud spattered; hot and sweaty is not great when changing into work clothes. A shower [paid for of course - seeing as car drivers pay for parking] would make this a good deal better and encourge me to cycle more.

Re cycling up the inside of trucks etc; I see many d**k cyclists trying to commit suicide. I also see many d**k drivers overtake cyclists close to junctions and cut acrosss them to turn left when waiting all of 15 seconds would be safer. Said d**k drivers do this to other motorists too. I suggest cyclists cycle VERY defensively and perhaps widespread use of car/cycle cams with footage to police can sort/remove the d**k motorists

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