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Have to agree with some of that - there are some utter morons careering around London on bikes. A couple of years ago, I was living in Wandsworth and working at London Bridge. I cycled in each day.

Now, there are thousands of cyclists in the capital, the vast majority of whom are perfectly sane and sensible, if only because they want to make it home alive. But there are still more than a few people who seem to think they're driving a tank when they're out on two wheels, and do some monumentally stupid things. Top of the list was the idiot who nearly went under a black cab at Waterloo because she jumped a red light while gassing on her phone, but Laura's Darwin Award nominees also include the eejit who raced into High Holborn much too fast and rode smack into a traffic island, the bozo who nearly rear-ended a white van because he was tailgating it in the driver’s blind spot, another genius who only saved himself from being squashed by jumping onto the pavement after the artic he was undertaking on the move started to swing left, several more rocket scientists who tried to overtake buses that were already pulling out long before they got near them, and finally a black kid in a black hoodie on a black bike with no lights who jumped the lights near Blackfriars Bridge one rainy night and nearly got flattened. By a big white car with blue flashing lights and 'POLICE' written all over it. That one did make me laugh, I must admit.

And that was in the space of about nine months riding on one regular route into London, much of which was on a dedicated cycle path. Some of those people might have been morally and even legally in the right, but is that really worth a bent bike and a broken leg, or worse, an early funeral?

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