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"Not for one second am I belittling anyone's tragic death, but 20 in a year is tiny in comparison to deaths from other traffic accidents, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, cancer, well pretty much everything else you can think of."

Well that's a lot more than terrorism in the UK and look at the amount of money and police we are prepared to throw at preventing that.

But the greater issue is that it is this fear of cycling that is the greatest impediment to people who want to cycle to actually do it. Telling them that the risk is infinitely smaller than the life extending benefits doesn't really get through. Hence the obesity, the extra road blocking traffic and its easier to smoke in a car than on a bike.

The size of the problem is a benefit. Its a tiny fraction of drivers who can be targeted or re-incetivised to make much of the problem go away. It should be easier, cheaper, faster and much less disruptive than trying to change our road infrastructure, redesign vehicles or create an app.

Its a low cost per life saver - and shouldn't upset the 96% of drivers (and 80% of cyclists who are also drivers). So let's cool the anti-cyclist sentiment. One gets enough of it on the road no matter how well one tries to do the right thing.

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