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Nothing to do with being anti-cyclist. This "safety" app makes an Everest sized mountain out of an insignificant molehill.

Not for one second am I belittling anyone's tragic death, but 20 in a year is tiny in comparison to deaths from other traffic accidents, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, cancer, well pretty much everything else you can think of.

What's to say the suggested alternative routes are any safer? Navigation systems are infamous for trying to send drivers through impossible narrow, low or otherwise inappropriate routes. Will this one be perfect? Not a chance mate.

How many places can you reach your destination without taking left turns except at roundabouts, without:

1) Significantly increasing your travel distance

2) Significantly increasing your journey time

3) Choosing roads that are inappropriate, not designed for the size and/or weight of lorries.

4) Shifting congestion elsewhere and causing more accidents because of increased congestion in those other locations.

This won't solve the almost entirely nonexistent problem, just move it around and create extra problems elsewhere.

And what about cyclists turning right? They are still as likely to be next to a lorry in a blind spot. Are we to suggest lorries avoid turning right too?

There's one simple universal rule of the road: assume everyone else is out to get you and is always going to do something really stupid, and drive / ride defensively at all times.

But no. There's an app for that.

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