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"If cycling, don't try to get to the very front of a queue, hang 1 vehicle back, then you can see what is going on, and the driver, just may be able to see you."

Are you the guy who gave me my first downvote?

Instead of coming out with this - why not try and understand the real problem? Yes cyclists can be as stupid as anybody else but the killing is done mostly with one type of lorry operator. It isn't even the most challenging vehicles on the roads. Cyclists rarely have issues with the biggest supermarket artics. They are driven well and can even cope with the odd idiotic cyclist.

The not so stupid cyclist in London is very, very aware of the construction lorry issue. Its the one vehicle you give the maximum clearance possible. But the opposite is not true. Last week I had a skip lorry whizz past close with a heavy chain swinging in the breeze. It was pure luck it didn't take my head off.

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