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The thing is about powershell is, while it's a capable scripting language for .NET, and I don't have much against it in the context of a scripting language. I like it.

However, despite its name, it's a dreadful shell. You can only use the awful build-in console Window, which is awkward to resize, text selection doesn't handle wrapped lines, can't access it remotely (as a shell) unless you RDP to it, and can't redirect the output. Mid-line tab completion removes the rest of the line. Tab completion-enumeration and line history isn't to my taste. It's worse than “php -a”, and nobody does that.

Powershell's passing of objects only works with cmdlets, so you're restricted to .NET languages if you want to create your own commands for the object streams to be of any use, whereas the 3 standard text streams are available to any process regardless of language - and can be stored for later use (> out.txt), copy+pasted, etc.

These are my show-stoppers, but I might just be doing it wrong, so please correct me.

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