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You're missing the point. I'm not stating that humans are good drivers, I'm questioning this blind belief that computers will somehow do this better. Until there are cars on the road in real life situations that is at best an assumption, and a dangerous one at that.

For a start, it's a v1 so yes, it will take a lot of testing before it is allowed in production, but as the plane industry has shown, even with their seriously high grade checking things can go wrong and need correcting, so the assumption that somehow computerised cars will not have some bugs that need ironing out is not only naïve, it conflicts with common sense.

Did you never have a computer freeze on you? Even with a non-Microsoft operating system? I would especially not trust anything Google comes up with, but that's just my personal dislike of data thieves.

Will it happen? I think so, it makes sense and there are advantages to be had such as avoiding the slowdown waves in dense traffic. Will it be flawless from day 1? Not a chance IMHO.

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