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"But I'll one-up my previous challenge: Having successfully circumnavigated the Arc de Triomphe and the vagaries of Parisian coureurs, we shift the scene to Italy. Let's be fair there and do it classic Top Gear: The challenge is to pass through Rome , including the Colosseum **, followed by a leisurely drive to Napoli, and a pass through the city centre there, ending at an appropriate pub with a functioning car, and a maximum of 5 human interventions."

I'll pull you one better, based on first hand experience. Try crossing from the south part of Metro Manila in the Philippines to the north side starting around 4PM in the afternoon, starting from the Airport at the south end, onto and along the bulk of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue to the North Luzon Expressway at the north end.

HINT: 4PM is the start of the busiest part of Metro Manila's day, and the airport's busy in the best of times. NOW, however, they're building a skyway, so there's construction everywhere. By the time you get out, the traffic will have spread to the rest of the city, and drivers there can probably give any European a heart attack with their reckless aggression, not to mention the wanton disregard for signs and lane markings. About the only things they obey are the odd traffic light.

Get through that back and forth a few hundred times without significant incident, then follow up with a few spins around the outskirts at night (where headlights are not a given), THEN I'll be impressed.

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