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In fact, knowing the novel uses which human ingenuity can find for any kind of technology, I would expect ...

Agree with the above - All sorts of non-obvious uses for this....

Mugging people in cars will be possible as the car will decline to run them over.

Bringing temporary gridlock on a series of roads could be possible by having Goog et all issue a stop notice for an area, allowing police to box in fleeing vehicles.

Drink/drug/sleep driving will rise unless the car tests occupants before setting of an monitors them during the journey.

Ladies of the night will doubtless use them as a convenient place to do business while avoiding observation.

Hacking the system to eliminsate human occupancy would allow drug/arms dealers to move bulk product around the country with no fear of arrest.

Pedestrians and cyclists will doubtless find a way to game the cars systems to gain advantage.

Reconfiguring the car should allow their use as mobile meeting rooms, saving expensive office space.

Full automation will end cabbies roles, and that of truck or bus drivers. Some will lament this, others not. But the civil service / government need to start planning for change now as whole industries will be born, and others die, as a result of these changes.

All sorts of fun stuff awaits... I just hope everyone involved can be realistic about both the opportunities, and the threats posed by them.

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