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I was never into popular music. I was the only kid in my peer group in the 80's who had an appreciation (bordering on the exclusive-obsessive) of the Art of Noise. I never had a lot of time for music with lyrics for an awfully long time, preferring the minimalism of Kraftwerk and the experimental work of Gershon Kingsley (was that hard to get a hold of pre-internet, I'm still amazed I found out about it's existence.

I rather quite like rap now (not exclusively so, but when the mood takes me) Lench Mob, Cypress Hill, Sensor. I think I was only 'awakened' to it through The Art of Noises 'The Seductionfo Claude Debussy' album.

These mornings though, I tend to rise to the sounds of rather 'genki' j-pop, (Houkago TeaTime, Doco, etc. anything chirpy) need something to energise me, and drugs are too unhealthy long-term

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